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Rest day - Sunday 16th Jan 2022

Not feeling so great these past few months, numerous health problems throughout the off season

Published: Sunday 16th Jan 2022

Spent most of the day in bed. Been trying to train 3 on 1 off, but finding it hard to keep myself out the gym. Recently have been doing 4 on 1 off and something is catching up with me.

Blood tests reveal I am anaemic AGAIN. Doctors want to test me for celiac disease now (that gluten free thing) to understand why I am not absorbing iron correctly.

This makes sense. I am burning through iron with daily (or multiple times daily) training, and my ferritin and iron keep going DOWN even on 600mg ferrous fumarate per date with vitamin C.

Through the process of elimination, I'm trying to figure out if it is anaemia that is effectively making me bed-ridden, or if it is overreaching from the training. It could also be my thyroid levels out again as I made adjustments, so this is multifactoral and maybe I just need a few days off instead of playing trial and error.


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Kishore founded the e-commerce company Watch Shop in 2007 and exited in 2014 after an acquisition by Watches of Switzerland at the age of 34. Watch Shop was a medium sized enterprise (£44 million sales) and was one of the UK's fasted growing companies, doubling turnover every year.

After leaving Watch Shop Kishore did a few coding projects but decided to follow his true and first passion: Lifting and bodybuilding.

Kishore Naib (Kit Naib)


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