Kishore Naib

Vitamin D levels - the benefits of optimising them

My experience with optimising vitamin D levels

Even though I get a lot of sun, and I use sunbeds, living in the UK I find it very hard to keep vitamin D levels in good range.

Many studies suggest you should aim to keep them in the upper quartile

With 6 months of vitamin D supplementation at 10,000 iu, I found I had mild vitamin D poisoning. Whilst I had no side effects, my blood tests revealed they were above range.

5000 iu Vitamin D puts me mid range. So, personally I now supplement an average of 7500 iu QD.

Remember, if you miss a day, it does not hurt to intake vitamin D at double levels or even with once a week bolus dosages to improve your compliance.

Vitamin D levels being in the upper quartile has many benefits, particularly relating to immunity. A private test for Vitamin D can be found for £40, e.g. from Medichecks - I have found the finder prick test to be reliable for vitamin D. (Although I do not find it reliable for tests such as red blood cells).