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Thyroid eye disease - why do my eyes bulge?

If you have graves disease and hyperthyroidism, whether you are in remission or not you may still have bulging eyes.

It is almost universally agreed to take a supplement of 200 mcg selenium for thyroid eye disease

The damage can become permanent, especially if left untreated or diagnosed too late, in which case it may be time for Orbital decompression surgery

One of my eyes has 1.5mm tissue (as a result of Graves disease) more than the other. Most people I ask say they can't see it. But, when I am not taking selenium, or if my levels are out of balance, one of the first things I notice to go wrong is my eyes. In fact, in many photos of me on this site I notice my thyroid eyes - maybe other people don't - or they are just polite.

About Kishore Naib (Kit Naib)

Kishore founded the e-commerce company Watch Shop in 2007 and exited in 2014 after an acquisition by Watches of Switzerland at the age of 34. Watch Shop was a medium sized enterprise (£44 million sales) and was one of the UK's fasted growing companies, doubling turnover every year.

After leaving Watch Shop Kishore did a few coding projects but decided to follow his true and first passion: Lifting and bodybuilding.

Kishore Naib (Kit Naib)


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