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Short Sleeper Syndrome

After years of battling what I believed to be insomnia, I now believe I have short sleeper syndrome

After battling "insomnia" with sleep medication for years, it recently ocurred to me that, when I was busy and my mind was active, I only used to sleep 3 - 4 hours per night and do not recall complaining about it at all. I would typically go to bed at midnight and wake up at 4am to either answer emails or code before going into work by car at 10am.

I have always been significantly more productive on 3 - 4 hours sleep when I need things done. 6 hours I can only achieve with drugs and I always felt like complete hell and wanted to leave the office by 4pm.

It was only after selling my company, where I found I simply had too many hours in the day, that I went for years trying to force myself to sleep 7 - 8 hours as per most medical guidelines such as the NHS. To achieve that amount, I would need to take prescription sleep medication. When you have no goals in life, the days are just far too long. I was trying to shorten the day.

I now believe it is a total waste of time trying to force more sleep than you naturally need. I just suddenly had 20 more hours in the day after selling out.

Depression itself causes me chronic fatigue so my wrong assumption all this time has been that more sleep is needed as I got older.

Then more sleep that is beyond my requirement causes me more depression, thus becoming a Circular issue.

I now just think the best thing is to never look at the clock and stop playing around with these ridiculous "readiness" gadgets.

The only time ive set an alarm clock in my life is for the airport at an odd hour

I don't know what the hell I've been doing all this time... I've just been desperate to shorten the day through having nothing to do and being depressed since selling out.

I could be wrong since there is no way to officially diagnose this but, at the time of writing (18th April 2022), I strongly believe this has been my issue all along. The most important thing in life is having something to get out of bed for.

I recall my sleep clinic alluding to this, but I did not take notice or even look it up.

Not everyone needs to sleep 1/3 of the day, it seems.

Inducing sleep with benzos, Z-drugs, pregabalin, gabapentin, other tranquilizers, antihistamine TCAs (e.g. amitriptyline) - I have done the a-Z all on prescription, believe me - is NOT a good idea in the long run.

Sleeping pill tablet interdose-withdrawal is not a good way to be living life.
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