Kishore Naib

Health - my experience with health monitoring as an athlete

What I have learned by self monitoring for maximum performance with blood testing, under the circumstances of being an athlete with Graves disease (hyperthyroidism)

I decided to post this on my own blog as I have thousands of posts on the various forums from over the years which decay and get lost over time. I forget my usernames, and I lose my opinion at that point in time. I also find some of my older forum posts cringeworthy.

Forum posts are kinda dangerous - they are a snapshot of opinion in a given point of time. So, for my own reference, I document my most up to date opinions here.

Health blog posts

Thyroid health - Graves disease and hyperthyroidism

My 20 year experience with thyroid health, graves, RAI and other hyperthyroid issues

Creatine Kinase levels

Creatine Kinase levels and rhabdo - my experience from 20 years of lifting

Kidney Health for weight lifting athletes

Information on my experience with kidney health scares and blood readings for weight training athletes

Sports Anaemia

I have become anaemic from training several times - my experience of how, why, and how I plan to avoid it in the future


My insomnia started whilst CEO of a company. I would wake up in 'panic' knowing that my to-do list was impossibly long. After I got out of the business, I thought my insomnia would resolve. It never has.

Antabuse for alcohol addiction or abuse

My unorthodox method of using antabuse (Disulfiram) to prevent alcohol consumption.

Vitamin D levels - the benefits of optimising them

My experience with testing and optimising vitamin D levels