Kishore Naib

Programming Languages & Coding

I have learned many languages by the year - this is how I currently rate my abilities in each coding language.

I have been coding since the age of 5 when my parents bought me a VIC20. I then progressed to learning AMOS on the Commodore Amiga. From there, I learned C++ at the start of the 3D gaming boom writing indy games, fortunately before AAA Unity / Unreal cookie cutter games trashed the market and dumbed down gaming into a kids' market.

I wrote WatchShop in classic LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Memory is written in Golang, React, and MySQL.

LanguageTypeSkill Level
PHPBackend / scripting6/10
MySQLDatabase Storage8/10
React (Typescript)Front end9/10
NodeJSBack end6/10
TensorflowMachine learning AI5/10

I was a coding addict as a kid - a real geek. My mother found this sonnet I wrote in year 9 at school:
Coding Sonnet year 9 written by Kishore Naib

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