Kishore Naib


I founded Memory with the intention of creating a new ed-tech business. It is now a free site with me as the sole developer.

It was going to be a commercial business but I realised my heart is not in going back into tech, so it is now a 100% free site with me as the sole developer.

I started Memory as various MVPs around 2017 whilst learning Spanish. I found spaced repetition to be a highly effective method for me to learn vocabularly. Whilst sites like Duolingo give you a sense of achievement and progression, I want to develop the best site where you can upload your own terms and master your own vocabulary as quickly as possible. I still have passion for this industry but just have less time and am deciding on the next steps.

In 2022, a new version of Memory will be launched with various features such as exam-cram mode.

Visit now:Memory - Flashcards and online education