Kishore Naib

Mensa Official IQ 155 (Catell B) - top 0.1%

This meant a lot to me, as it reinforced my confidence in risk taking, and daring to attempt things which most people would often not attempt.

Note: Mensa is the official IQ establishment. You cannot compare "online IQ test" scores to an official Mensa result (which is sat in an exam hall with a pen and paper with moderators).

I was one of the laziest students ever. I always did my homework the morning before (sometimes in class) and dropped out of university with a 12% attendance record - I just felt I was wasting my talents and I had no intention whatsoever of entering the rat race, doing a 9-5 and retiring at 65.

My mother encouraged me to sit a Mensa exam (she was a headteacher herself, who sat it but fell short of passing with 145). You need 148 to qualify for Mensa which puts you in the top 2%.

But, with intellect, often comes overthinking and shyness. It is both a curse and a blessing.