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Personal achievements

Personal failures

  • After selling the business, I moved to Ibiza for 6 months, raved, but took the bad habits home with me - the party lifestyle
  • After, I sat at home for years moaning about being utterly disinterested in life, assuming I was manic depressive, when all I needed was a new goal.
  • That took me nearly 6 years to find a new chapter. I was sure I needed to start a new business to become sane again — but I got out for a reason: I was battered and bruised from working 14 hours a day for 7 years. I used to say I have no regrets, well, now I do: I should have followed a goal that I loved. Or, at least, had a plan of what to do when I was out of the business. i.e. SPORT / BODYBUILDING. It's too late now.

Why do I keep this blog?

Firstly, why am I writing this on a public blog? I suppose there are several reasons:
  1. A therapist once told me to write a book. It's a bit late for that now that the .com boom is over and it's all apps now, but maintaining this site is kinda therapeutic, even if no one reads it.
  2. If anyone happens to be 'fortunate' to sell out early - or if you get an offer on your growth business - you may find what not to do in my ramblings here - i.e. don't go retire without a plan, or think you can just party forever and it won't wear off. People often ask me about my past in tech and what I did - well, a lot of the answers are here.
  3. I like to keep a public record of my life - it helps me with my shyness. I don't put private stuff on here that I'm not afraid to tell anyone about.
  4. I like to code in my free time. I'm not much of a social media guy, I prefer to write .com's. I can't stand mobile apps. I'm biased because I made my money from .com's, and now the world is going apps, which I don't like either writing or using. So I keep a lot of my code, functions and data analysis here in the same code repository, although a lot of that is hidden.
  5. Probably the main reason is though: I have thousands of documents about everything. We all lose stuff - why not keep it all in one place?

Images of Kishore Naib

Kishore Naib physique photo
Kishore Naib - Physique photo from Pure Elite Amateur fitness model 2021 November Margate
Kishore Naib winning men's fitness model at Pure Elite
My first 1st place win in amateur male fitness model competition (Pure Elite 2021)
2021 Off season selfie
2021 Off season selfie