Kishore Naib

Kishore Naib

(aka: Kit Naib)

Founder and retired director of Watch Shop

(Founder/Director/CEO 2007 - 2015)

Projects and skills:

Business - InactiveWatch ShopRetired CEOE-commerce site selling fashion watches2007 - 2015
Business — Free & ActiveMemoryDeveloperSpaced repetition learning app (Non-commercial)2019 - Current
Business ConsultancyTime To FindTechnical ConsultantWatch comparison site2019 - Current
Hobby & InspirationGeneral CodingDeveloperWeb development, Mobile app dev, genearl dev, SQLLifetime
HobbyAI (Machine Learning)AI for optimisation/analysis of training protocolsSide project using data from training to generate AI models2021 - Current
HobbyMen's PhysiqueNew CompetitorPhysique / fitness model competitions2021 - Current

I am currently not looking to offer angel investments or additional tech consultancies.

Do not message me about Crypto.
Learn the basics of risk, exposure, CAGR and volatility - for fuck sake.
If these concepts are not elementary to you then you are gambling. Don't take others down with you.